Our Approach

Partnership is at the core of what we do.  We believe our long and unique history, our market leading alignment of interest and the stability and continuity of our team position us as a preferred partner in the private equity market.  We are highly focused on supporting our companies and management teams with the resources they need to execute on their strategic goals.

We Provide More than Just Capital

We have developed areas of expertise and deep relationships over our 40 years of investing across multiple industry sectors and business cycles. We utilize the cumulative experience of the Kelso professionals, as well as our extensive network of industry experts, to provide our partners with strategic insights and to help our management teams drive value creation.


Phil Berney | Frank Loverro

We Develop Deep and Lasting Partnerships

With 19 years of average active investment partner tenure, we bring a long-term orientation to our partnerships. Many of our investments are made alongside managers or companies with whom we have partnered multiple times.


Barry Tanner, CEO of Physicians Endoscopy | Hank Mannix | Church Moore


We Seek an Alignment in Everything We Do

Our significant personal investment, along with the investments of our management teams and corporate partners, create an unparalleled alignment that positively influences the outcome of our investments.

Seek an Alignment

Bill O’Farrell, CEO of Premia Re | Steve Dutton | Chris Collins | Forrest Compton

We Provide Meaningful Compensation Opportunities to Management

With a deep appreciation for the value created by our partners, we believe in providing meaningful long-term incentive compensation opportunities to management.

OUR APPROACH - Meaningful Compensation

Jim Whitley, CEO of SouthernCarlson | L.T. Gibson, CEO of US LBM | Matt Edgerton | Sandy Osborne

We Treat People Well

Over 40 years, we’ve built a strong reputation of being a good partner and treating people fairly. Our partnerships are built on a foundation of trust, honesty, transparency, respect, collaboration and collegiality.  We strive to uphold this every day.

Kelso. People First. It's in our DNA.