1. 1956

    Louis Kelso creates the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (or ESOP)

    The first ESOP enabled a newspaper chain’s employees to buy out its retiring owners

  2. 1958

    Louis Kelso’s “The Capitalist Manifesto” is published which explains the economic theory behind the ESOP

    Louis worked to pass Federal laws to encourage expanded employee stock ownership

  3. 1971

    Louis Kelso founds Kelso & Company

    During the 1970’s, we installed over 700 ESOPs

  4. 1974 Tax advantages

    ERISA legislation passes which establishes the ESOP’s many tax advantages

    Before being renamed as ESOPs, these plans were known as “Kelso Plans”

  5. 1977 Nick

    Frank T. Nickell ("Nick") joins Kelso

    After almost four decades with the firm, Nick remains as Chairman

  6. 1980 1980_2_500x500

    Kelso raises 1st private equity fund, KIA I - $5.8 million

    Our first fund, raised primarily from executives of companies in which we had installed ESOPs, focused on taking minority stakes

  7. 1982

    Kelso invests in our 1st going-private transaction

    Dentsply International transaction was one of the first LBO going-private transactions in the nascent PE industry

  8. 1986 1986_2_500x500

    Kelso raises KIA III - $100 million

    KIA III was first Kelso fund raised largely from institutional investors to make control investments

  9. 1988 1988-AmericanStandard

    Kelso makes 1st significant Building Products investment

    American Standard transaction was one of the largest PE buyouts of its time, with a $3 billion transaction value

  10. 1992

    Kelso makes 1st investment with a corporate partner, The Providence Journal

    Corporate partnerships have become core to our strategy, with partners such as Penske Corporation, Church & Dwight and Hunt Oil Corporation

  11. 1994

    Kelso invests in a series of Media companies which ultimately become Charter Communications

    This investment illustrated well our strategy of using follow-on investments to create value

  12. 1997

    Kelso invests in Endo Pharmaceuticals, our 5th Healthcare investment

    Endo was one of the first significant specialty pharmaceutical transactions involving private equity

  13. 2004

    Kelso makes 1st Energy investment in Optigas

    Kelso has deployed more than $2.5 billion across our Energy investments

  14. 2009 2009_Wilton

    Kelso makes 1st Financial Services investment in Wilton Re

    Kelso has deployed more than $1.7 billion across our Financial Services investments

  15. 2010

    Kelso enters our 30th year investing in private equity and makes our 100th investment

    Truck-Lite was our first investment made in partnership with affiliates of the Penske Corporation. Repeat partnerships have become core to our strategy.

  16. 2012

    Kelso makes 10th Energy investment in Tallgrass Development

    Transaction involves the firm’s largest equity investment to-date ($486 million)

  17. 2014

    Kelso Specialist Network (KSN), former managers and advisors who assist Kelso in sourcing and managing investments, is formalized

    KSN members commit $60 million in aggregate to invest alongside KIA IX

  18. 2016 2016_2_500x500

    Kelso raises KIA IX - $2.6 billion - with 20+% of the Fund coming from Kelso employees

    Kelso reaches $11.8 billion in total fund capital raised